E-Com Empire is based in California's Silicon Valley, the heart of American entrepreneurship and innovation.

Absolutely not! Our mission is to transform your business skillset regardless of your current understanding. Many of our programs begin by covering the very basic fundamentals of e-commerce and then transition to cover advanced topics later on to ensure full comprehension.

E-Com Empire was built with a extremely distinctive vision: educate everyone driven toward reaching success, regardless of their background or age. Our programs cover many broad aspects of business, not just specific models such as dropshipping. We discuss fundamentals such as market and trend analysis, branding, psychological triggers, and financial literacy. Additionally, we provide high quality resources and templates, including P&L statements, supplier spreadsheets, and legal contracts that other companies and "gurus" do not. E-Com Empire strives to ensure that all students are financially literate.

Most programs such as Dropship Lifestyle charge thousands of dollars JUST for a course. We provide invaluable guidance at a fraction of our competitors' prices.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds as we provide digital products and services. Once you purchase, you have full lifetime access to the product, and any "returns" are impossible as the material has already been accessed.