10 Things All Entrepreneurs Should Know Early On

10 Things All Entrepreneurs Should Know Early On - E-Com Empire
    1. Take Risks. Never be afraid to try something new or explore an odd industry outside of your comfort zone. It is always better to take risks sooner rather than later, for example, when you don’t have a husband/wife or kids, mortgage, car payments, etc., to take care of. DO IT NOW.
    2. Provide value. Give with no desire to get anything in return. The law of the universe will make sure you always get back 10X more than what you initially gave. Don’t be cheap—those people never truly make it big. Give to give! Don’t have expectations or entitlement.
    3. Network. Be the person who always makes an effort to meet people who have what you want. Connect with them through social media and build relationships. Buy their products or services and attend their events. It may sound like a waste of money or time, but it is an investment in your personal growth. Would you spend $20k to earn $60k? Exactly.
    4. Speed is key. A sense of urgency and fast-paced decision-making is essential to be a successful entrepreneur. The wrong belief of always “taking your time” will hurt you rather than the benefit you in business, where speed is everything. It makes more sense to be quick so you don’t get stuck doing the wrong thing for too long.
    5. Fail forward and faster. Contrary to the popular belief that “failure is bad,” making mistakes and failing is the best way to cut the learning curve and accelerate your success! Many people think that dying means you aren’t qualified, fair enough, or smart enough. This is not true. Failing allows you to learn how to do something correctly, whether starting a new business, venturing into a new industry, or investing in a project. With anything that requires effort in life, you must accept and embrace possible failure as a learning opportunity.
    6. Don’t always listen. Take the advice people to give you with a grain of salt. Please don’t listen to people unless they have what you want. Why? Because most people don’t know what they’re talking about, which is why they lose. Listen to the winners.
    7. Grow daily. Read, watch videos, listen to podcasts, and take advantage of the great information out there readily available to you. Personal growth will allow you to expand your knowledge and pick up skills. This will significantly benefit you in business and other aspects of life as well!
    8. Take action. We can all dream big, but nothing will happen without taking any steps toward making our dreams a reality. Take a small step, regardless of how insignificant it may seem, towards your vision. Then, take another action. Again, and again. Rinse and repeat. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself gaining momentum and reaching the goal that was once a dream!
    9. Create your future. The best way to predict the future is to create it. As an entrepreneur, you are expected to face uncertainty on a day-to-day basis; however, the best decision is to act in the face of the unknown. Specifically, figure out what you want, take a small step toward making it a reality, pause and reflect about what you learned from that step, and use that new knowledge to take your next step, even if it means adjusting from the initial path. In other words, act, learn, build, and repeat.
    10. I don’t care about what others think. The truth is that most people are selfish. Some will say they want to see you win, but only a few will genuinely mean it. Most won’t want to see you win more than them. This is why you have to choose your inner circle wisely. Ignore the doubters, naysayers, and haters. Instead, use them as motivation to stay focused and work hard. The world can be yours!

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